"Let There Be GWAR"
Co-author of the biography of GWAR.  Gingko Press (2015).

"Dirty Rocker Boys"
Ghostwriter of an autobiography by Bobbie Brown, hair metal video star, published by Simon&Schuster. (2013) 

"Sex, Drugs, n Ratt & Roll"
Proposal for RATT singer Stephen Pearcy's autobiography, bought and published by Gallery Books, (2013).

"Kicking Up Dirt"
Ghostwriter of autobiography of deaf X Games motocross champion, Ashley Fiolek. 
HarperCollins (2010)   

"STAYHIGH - The Voice of the Ghetto"
Editor with Chris Pape of book about of the most significant early taggers in New York City. (2010)

"Live At The Masque"
Editor with the late Brendan Mullen of coffee table book about The Masque, the first punk club in Los Angeles. (2008)