MOCA Graffiti/Street Art show

As well as freelance writing, I work with Roger Gastman, one of America's leading graffiti experts. One of the projects we have been working on at the office is an upcoming show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA. Jeffrey Deitch tapped Roger to co-curate a major street art/graffiti show at the museum, along with Aaron Rose. I've been working on some outreach and press stuff for the show, and Zio Fulcher, my colleague and LA's leading female authority on graffiti, deserves major hugs for pretty much pulling it all together.
It's going to be the first major museum study of art on the streets and all I can say right now's going to be BIG. And a game-changer...Deitch is calling street art/graffiti the most important art movement since Pop Art.
Mister Cartoon's bus (in the photo) will be part of the exhibit.

Read the LA Times story about it here.