Get to The Choppa

There is a death metal band called Austrian Death Machine whose entire œuvre is inspired by the cinematic work of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Songs include "I Am A Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskeleton", "Screw You (Benny)" (remember that asshole taxi driver in "Total Recall"?), and of course my personal favorite "Get to Tha Choppa", inspired by a key moment in "Predator".
Austrian Death Machine's stage show is like porn for Arni fans--Tim Lambedis screams his vocals, backed up by a masked Ahhhnold character who brings enough Austrian accent for an entire Okotoberfest.
The bass player looks like a gay T-1000 in cop aviator glasses and blue shorts, and occasionally, an actual Predator might make its way on stage.
I interviewed Lambedis this morning and we spent some time discussing wherether Linda Hamilton was hotter in the first or second Terminator, and why "Pumping Iron", the 1975 documentary featuring a young and very dumb Arnie is a must-see.
I'll post the link to my story on Austrian Death Machine when it runs.