Diane von Furstenburg Spring/Summer 09

Floral print maxi dresses. Flowery head dresses. Mismatched flower print chiffon. What is this, the granola aisle at Topanga Canyon Whole Foods?
I'm all for Laurel Canyon hippie style in general, but Diane von Furstenberg's SS '09 collection, named "Rock Goddess", was disappointingly unoriginal in its celebration of all things Joni Mitchell. Where was the war cry, the passion, the sensuality and the decadence? These clichéd yet strangely tame interpretations seem lifted direct from a Woodstock-era Sear's catalog, with no modern value added. And those costumey faux flower head dresses and denim flares—why not just have them wearing giant peace signs and smoking reefer on the ruway and be done with it?
This collection, which we're sure was beautifully stitched and is prohibitively expensive, is primed for massive Forever 21 rip-off status, thanks to the nasty prints and shapeless silhouettes.
Flower children, run for the hills!