Me, the Irish Times

I was interviewed by the very lovely Kate Butler of the Irish Times for a story about LA Fashion Week.

This is how it goes:

According to Caroline Ryder, a fashion journalist with LA Weekly and an English-Irish ex-pat, LA creativity has been brewing for the past few years and is only now getting the recognition it deserves. "LA is a tale of two cities," she says. "The first city is one of Hollywood Blvd, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills - the west side is very established and dead, creatively. But that's not the LA that most of the artists, designers and musicians exist in. There's a big Eastside scene. It's still relatively unknown and that's why its' cheap to live in and so many artists are moving here.
"Jeremy Scott lives in the Hollywood Hills and he tells me that in terms of street style, LA kids lead the pack, and he hangs out with them. There's this kid called Cory Kennedy, she's about 17 and she is a celebrity, just by dressing the way she dresses, going out and being a hipster. Just in the same way that Karl Lagerfeld did with Jeremy Scott when he was a club kid in Paris and had that youthful vibrance that Karl wanted to tap in to - now he's a grown man and he's doing the same thing. He feels that energy in the youth culture here."

Dig it!

Although I sound a little obnoxious, right? Also I don't talk to Jeremy Scott on a regular basis...everything I said is based on my conversations with him when I interviewed him for the cover of BPM magazine, way back. Never got paid for that story, come to think of it. Sigh.